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Middle East

Specific Needs of Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

Insta HMS is fully compliant with the insurance claims and remittances of HAAD and DHA. It generates insurance XML claim file and can be posted directly into HAAD or DHA post offices. It can receive the remittances XML file and automatically update the receipts. It supports all HAAD’s requirements for E&M Codes, DRG codes, LOINC codes, ICD codes, tobacco regulations, etc.

Insta HMS allows for recording of OP consultation notes as per HAAD needs, in terms of vitals, immunization information, review of systems, physical examination, etc.

Insurance Needs of other Middle East countries

Insta HMS supports the needs of other Middle East countries in making insurance process very easy. It allows hospitals or clinics to create Excel files for claims information. It allows for uploading of remittances from insurance companies in Excel file format.


Insurance Needs of Kenya National Insurance

Insta HMS supports the national insurance (NHIF) scheme of Kenya. It automatically takes care of insurance calculations and reduces the patient bill amount. The complete process to comply with NHIF is implemented


Malaysia Needs

Insta HMS supports special needs of Malaysian customers, through integration of MyCard data at time of registration. It also supports the insurance needs of Malaysia